“We are committed to ensuring Australian patients have access to a 21st century health system that provides the right care, in the right place, at the right time”

- The Hon Natasha Maclaren-Jones MLC


Since March 2011, we have embarked on a mission to reform health to ensure the health system is sustainable, so that our children and grandchildren receive the same high quality health care that we currently receive. We’ve made it a priority to take decision-making as close to the patient and those working on the ground as possible by helping communities and regions to plan, create and deliver local services. 



The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government's State Health Plan provides an overarching framework for the direction we need to take to keep delivering world-class care in NSW. To complement this we have developed a number of major planning strategies to improve outcomes for patients and the community including:


Rural Health Plan

Our Rural Health Plan which will strengthen the capacity of NSW rural health services to provide connected and seamless care. The plan builds on the significant achievements made to date in rural health services, aiming to provide world class care as close to home as possible for people living in rural NSW.


Children, Young People and Families

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government's Strategic Health Plan for Children, Young People and Families provides a comprehensive planning, service and policy roadmap for NSW Health from preconception to 24 years of age, addressing the health of women and their partners during pregnancy, babies, children, young people in the context of their families and communities.


Aboriginal Health Plan

The NSW Aboriginal Health Plan is a 10 year plan, developed in partnership with the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council, which sets the framework using six key strategic directions to Close the Gap in Aboriginal health outcomes by spreading responsibility for achieving health equity for Aboriginal people in NSW, across all NSW Health operations.


Health Workforce Participation

The Health Professionals Workforce Plan aims to address the long-term projected workforce needs of NSW Health to ensure that NSW trains, recruits and retains appropriate numbers of doctors, nurses and midwives and allied health professionals in the appropriate locations.



The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government understands the importance of delivering critical mental health services in our community. The sustainable budget measures implemented by the Government will allow for further investment in early detection, treatment and expanded information services for those with mental health issues.

Our Strategic Plan for Mental Health sets out actions and future directions for reform of the mental health system in NSW. It maps a demanding agenda for change that puts people – not processes – at the heart of its thinking.



The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government has a proven track record when it comes to delivering health infrastructure, having already built or upgraded more than 100 hospitals and other health facilities across the State. In addition, the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government have hired more than 16,000 nurses and midwives, allied health and support staff across NSW.

The Government has also been committed to redeveloping and building hospitals and health facilities, with more than another 100 projects underway.