Member of the Legislative Council, Natasha Maclaren-Jones has welcomed the NSW Government’s open and honest discussion about out-of-home-care adoptions ahead of National Adoption Awareness Week (NAWW).

Mrs Maclaren-Jones said the Ministerial Open Adoption Forum held in Sydney on October 26 captured the voices of those most important to the question of adoption – children and young people.

“With National Adoption Awareness Week beginning on November 8, it was the right time to start a dialogue around adoption and ask children and young people what they think about the process and how we can improve it.

“The NSW Government is committed to ensuring every child has a safe and stable home for life. We have been working hard to improve adoptions from out-of-home-care through reforms like Safe Home for Life and by implementing infrastructure through the Institute of Open Adoption.

“Despite the progress that we’ve made in recent years, it’s clear that the process of adoption could be streamlined so that prospective parents and children are not waiting too long for adoption orders to be finalised.”

Mrs Maclaren-Jones said that NAAW (November 8 – 14) is an invaluable campaign to raise awareness for a topic that is often considered to be less important than the question of child-protection.

Organised by Adopt Change, NAAW aims to increase insight and understanding through a series of specialist and community-based events exploring the experiences of children and families through local and inter-country adoption and promote reform of Australian adoption laws and practices to facilitate a pro-adoption community.

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