Member of the Legislative Council, Natasha Maclaren-Jones today called for local young people to nominate for the 2015 NSW Youth Advisory Council (YAC).

Council members come from all over the State and are broadly representative of the diversity of young people living in NSW in terms of gender, Aboriginality, and cultural and linguistic background.

Natasha Maclaren-Jones said that the Youth Advisory Council is one of the most effective ways for young people to be involved in Government decision making.

“Their unique insights, views and advice assists in the development of policies and programs affecting young people,” Mrs Maclaren-Jones said.

“The Youth Advisory Council makes an important and valuable contribution to the NSW Government’s work and the way we deliver services for young people in NSW.”

“NSW is home to many outstanding and well qualified young people and I encourage them all to apply for the Council.

The 12 member Council provides a direct avenue of communication between young people and the NSW Government.

Young people with experience in youth and community organisations or who have particular life experience that would further enrich policy conversations are encouraged to apply.

Information and application forms for membership of the Youth Advisory Council are available on the Advocate’s website at  from the Advocate or (02) 9286 7231. Applications close at 5:00pm Monday 31st of August 2015.