Member of the Legislative Council Natasha Maclaren-Jones and Minister for Ageing John Ajaka today encouraged families to celebrate the significant contribution made by grandparents and older Australians across NSW this Grandparents Day – to be held on Sunday 25 October.

Grandparents Day was launched in 2011 by the NSW Government as an annual initiative to recognise the unique role that grandparents play in our communities as custodians of individual and cultural memories and providers of care, love and guidance to their children and grandchildren.

Mr Ajaka said that grandparents and older Australians are a crucial part of families and local communities and the care and support they provide should not go unnoticed.

Mrs Maclaren-Jones said that Grandparents Day pays tribute to those who go above and beyond the traditional grandparent role.

“I congratulate the many grandparents and older Australians in our community who are deserving of recognition for their important contribution,” Mrs Maclaren-Jones said.

“I urge all members of the community to take the time to recognise the enormous contributions made by the older people in their lives, be it the love and support of their grandparents or the dedication of older community leaders, and show their appreciation.”

Families are encouraged to celebrate with their loved ones on Grandparents Day. Community events will be held across NSW on Grandparents Day, Sunday 25 October. For more information about Grandparents Day, please visit